(SVR08) A Cosmic Gift - Hologram // Limited Edition of 300 Black Vinyl LP / Holographic Etchings

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SlyVinyl Records is incredibly pleased to announce our newest exclusive main label release!
Coming at you from the far reaches of the space is A Cosmic Gift's third full album 'Hologram', aptly named due to the holographic etchings present on both Side A & Side B of the disc. 

A Cosmic Gift is a collaboration between artists Brandon Burger (Parallel) and Richard Houghten (Bloomypetal) of Southern California. Together they manifest music that's meant to be listened to while traveling the galaxy and exploring the mind.

Product Details

As always, SlyVinyl has put all the bells and whistles on this limited edition release.

  • Sly Vinyl Records 8th Official Release (catalog #: SVR08)
  • 300 Copies on Black Vinyl (180g)
  • Holograms (A & B Side) hand-etched by Richard Houghten
  • Silver Foil Stamped Numbering (#101 - 400)
  • Heavyweight Gatefold LP Jacket (20pt)
  • Extra-Small 1.5" Center Labels
  • Digital Download (Emailed to you)

Artwork by Adam Friedman (artbyadamfriedman.com)


Hologram Viewing Instructions

Sides A & B of this release each contain a different hand-made abrasion hologram designed and etched by A Cosmic Gift's own Richard Houghten.

To achieve a rotating holographic effect, direct a focused light at a 45 degree angle to the surface of the disk while it is playing. Use additional light sources to multiply to effect!

USE CAUTION: Be careful when using heat sources (such as lights) near your records! We suggest using low-heat light sources like LEDs to display and view your records.