(SVR14) Richard Houghten - Sailing Through Rainbows of Sound

(SVR14) Richard Houghten - Sailing Through Rainbows of Sound

SlyVinyl Records

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Product Details

  • SlyVinyl Records Exclusive (Catalog #: SVR14)
  • Holographic A-Side On Every Copy
  • Four Color Variants
    • Wax Mage (25 copies)* See Raffle Below!
    • Metallic Red (130 copies)
    • Metallic Green (150 copies)
    • Metallic Green Splatter (200 copies)
  • Free Digital Download HERE


Wax Mage & Liquid Filled 7" Raffle!

To combat record scalpers and evil robots, SlyVinyl has moved to a Raffle-based model to sell our Wax Mage and other super-limited items.

Therefore, only the standard variants will be made available for direct purchase on SlyVinyl.com.

We will be selecting buyers of the standard variants to win the chance to convert your order to a Wax Mage (or other deluxe item).

Here's how our raffle will work:


We are raffling off the opportunity to UPGRADE your order to a Wax Mage copy. You must place an order for a standard variant to enter.

All Orders placed between Friday, September 24th @ 9:00AM PST and Saturday, Sep. 25th @ 11:59PM PST will be eligible to be selected.
(Orders from the first pressing last year are not eligible.)

Winners will be contacted privately that Sunday, Sep. 26th via email and will have 24 hours to respond. A ‘No Response’ will initiate a new drawing for that record.


Your Order # will be your raffle number.
Order #s will be put into a Random Number Generator to select the winning numbers.
Each individual buyer has MAX 1 raffle entry, no matter how many copies/orders placed. (i.e. three different orders will not result in 3 raffle chances)

Selected Winners are not obligated to accept the Raffle Upgrade if chosen. 
If declined, a new raffle draw will occur for any unclaimed copies.


Winners will have the choice to add on the new item to your existing order, OR you can pay the difference and receive just the upgrade. Either way, winners will be sent a separate PayPal link to pay.

15x Wax Mage LPs Available @ $40.00

20x Liquid Filled 7"s Available @ $75.00