(SVR08) A Cosmic Gift - Hologram // Limited Edition of 300 Black Vinyl LP / Holographic Etchings

SlyVinyl Records

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Product Details

  • SlyVinyl Records 8th Official Release (catalog #: SVR08)
  • 300 Copies on Black Vinyl (180g)
  • Holograms (A & B Side) Hand-etched by Richard Houghten
  • Silver Foil Stamped Numbering (#101 - 400)
  • Heavyweight Gatefold LP Jacket (20pt)
  • Extra-Small 1.5" Center Labels
  • Digital Download (Emailed to you)

Artwork by Adam Friedman (artbyadamfriedman.com)


Hologram Viewing Instructions

Sides A & B of this release each contain a different hand-made abrasion hologram designed and etched by A Cosmic Gift's own Richard Houghten.

To achieve a rotating holographic effect, direct a focused light at a 45 degree angle to the surface of the disk while it is playing. Use additional light sources to multiply to effect!

USE CAUTION: Be careful when using heat sources (such as lights) near your records! We suggest using low-heat light sources like LEDs to display and view your records.