(SVR10) Sun Airway - Heraldic Black Cherry // Limited Edition of 300 'Cherry Sherbet' Striped Vinyl LPs

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SlyVinyl Records is incredibly pleased to announce another new exclusive main label release! Relatively silent since the last studio album 'Soft Fall' in 2012, Sun Airway and SlyVinyl are teaming up to release their third full length LP 'Heraldic Black Cherry' that looks like it tastes just like it sounds... delicious! 

Product Details

As always, SlyVinyl has put all the bells and whistles on this limited edition release.

  • Sly Vinyl Records 10th Official Release (Catalog #: SVR10)
  • 300 Copies on 'Cherry Sherbet' Pink, White & Orange Striped Vinyl (160g)
  • Hand Numbered (#001 - 300)
  • Heavyweight LP Jacket 
  • Digital Download (Emailed to you)

Artwork by Julian Glander (glander.co)

Words From The Artist

"[The album] was recorded by me, mostly at my house, aside from a session at Kawari Sound for some piano and guitars. The album was mixed by Jeff Zeigler, who very patiently helped me make sense out of the ridiculous messes that Sun Airway tracks can turn into. It was mastered at Sterling Sound by Joe LaPorta, who is brilliant. My friend and neighbor Cynthia G. Mason (who is a very talented singer-songwriter in her own right—look her up!) came over on a few occasions and added some beautiful vocals on a handful of songs. Some field recordings were given to me by one of my all-time best mates/former many-time bandmate Mike Fleming. 1000s of samples were sifted through, there are hundreds on the record, but they're probably mostly a quarter-second-long, stretched, re-pitched, reversed. There are string sections built from youtube violin lessons, walls of sound built from dozens of tiny samples from across time and space, guitars that don't sound guitars and weird samples that sound like guitars. There are a lot of meticulously crafted bits that nobody will ever notice but me. Alex Chilton gave me a song in a dream (probably not). I dropped a penny in a fountain coke." - Jon Barthmus (Sun Airway)